The Manchester United manager and his new club have made a whopping donation to charity as a result of their contract negotiations. 

Louis Van Gaal was in Manchester this week for a few photo ops and to officially start his work as Manchester United manager, and one of the first things he did was to hand over around £1 million to charity, according to and The Irish Examiner

Van Gaal, unlike many other managers, doesn't use an agent, and so decided that the regular agent's fee should be donated to a charity, with the club matching that amount to make an even greater donation. With his contract believed to be int he region of £12 million a year, his agent would have been entitled to about £600,000 (at the standard 5% rate), but since he negotiated it himself that was given away, with Manchester United also donating the same. 

The reason, according to reports, is that he didn't want either himself or the club to profit, so he suggested the idea of making a donation, with total amount coming to around £1.2 milion. 

Via and The Irish Examiner


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