Louis Tomlinson either has a secret Jodie Foster role play fetish, or is genuinely terrified of the mad bastards that are One Direction fans, as he has now installed a panic room in his home. Yes, a full on secret lockdown room to keep him safe.

The One Directioner has spent £15,000 to build a safe room in his £2.5 million mansion in Hertfordshire to keep him and his guests safe after some jealous fans sent death threats to his girlfriend Eleanor Calder,with a source telling The Sun 'Louis loves the fans and isn't overwhelmed with paranoia. He's just a realist about the dangers of being in the spotlight. One Direction followers are notorious for tracking the lads down, so that's made him a bit cautious. This is just something that makes him feel safe.'

Louis' girlfriend was previously targeted by trolls on Twitter, who sent her photographs of the singer's ex-girlfriend Hannah Walker before he lashed out at the comments made at the time saying 'I'm reading some horrible tweets - very p***** off! (sic)'.

Louis isn't the first member of the group to have high security in their home, with Zayn also having a panic room in his £2 million gaff. Don't know what's more sickening, the fact that they can afford to have panic rooms installed, or the fact that they are in their early twenties and have multimillion pound mansions. Our Niall has his head screwed on a bit better, going on the record saying he is 'carefree' about people trying to intimidate the group over the internet and doesn't let them bother him. 'It's only brave girls behind a computer, thinking they can say what they want. Other celebrities get freaked out about death threats. I'm carefree about them.' Well he's already called them a shower of whores, so we doubt he's got much to worry about.