Louis, Louis. Oh no. You gotta stop.

Adding to his collection of numerous already ridiculous tattoos, including a teacup and some doodles, Louis has gone and got not one but two new inkings which he decided to share with the world. Well, his girlo Eleanor Calder did on Instagram. The tattoo industry really needs to band together and stop serving these boys before they're covered in ink. Seriously now, it's not doing anyone any favours.

The first new tattoo is spread across his torso and appears to be some kind of phrase, probably along the lines of 'Carpe Diem' or 'Live While We're Young' or some shite like that. We're sure to get a flash of it sometime soon.

The second appears across his legs just above his ankles, with 'The' on his right leg and 'Rogue' on his left. Whether or not this is some in-joke or nickname is not yet known. Maybe he plans on moonlighting as a superhero called The Rogue, stealing from the rich (which would be himself) and giving to the poor. Or he could just be making another stupid impulsive decision which he will regret eventually, which is quite fitting. In all seriousness though, the One D boys need to cool it with the ink, they're running out of body real estate too fast. They'll have to start migrating onto poor Niall at this rate.