Louis CK has debuted a new comedy special on his website, his first since 2017 when he was accused of and admitted to sexual misconduct with numerous women.

The special, titled 'Sincerely CK', is available on his site for $7.99 for download or stream. In a press statement on the special, CK said that the special was intended for people who "need a laugh" given the current circumstances.

"I feel like there are two kinds of people in this world,” the statement reads. “One kind needs to laugh when things get shitty. In fact, the shittier things get, the more serious, the more dark the more terrifying, the more dangerous and dire anything is, the more important it is to laugh in the midst of it and often directly in its face.”

CK has been out of the spotlight since 2017, when he was accused by five women of sexual misconduct from the mid-'90s up to 2005. The report, published by the New York Times, led to television studios like HBO and FX cut ties with the comedian, and his movie 'I Love You, Daddy' being dropped for theatrical release.

Following the report, Louis CK penned a statement addressing the allegations and withdrew from the spotlight, emerging for some comedy shows in smaller venues and so forth.