We desperately need this to become a thing. Currently having a second wind around the net after popping up earlier in the year, The Phone Stacking Game, or as creator Brian Perez likes to call it  'Don't Be A Di*k During Meals', is a form of dining roulette where the punishment is paying for everyone.

A war on dining manners for the 21st century, the game is perfect for those people who spend half of lunch or dinner face buried in their phones, with little to no interaction in the meantime. We've all sent a sneaky text or had a sly Facebook check during a meal, but with smartphones infiltrating our lives to such an extent these days, it's high time we have a modicum of respect for each other and get some manners back to the dinner table. And this is the perfect way to start (we also know plenty of people we could get a free meal out of by playing this. So it's win/win.).