According to reports, Lindsay Lohan has been released from rehab and has been spotted moving items to a new home across the street from her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson. are saying LiLo left rehab yesterday and moving vans were seen on the same day, taking things from her West Hollywood apartment to a new home in Venice, California, near Ronson's pad. allegedly filmed movers unloading boxes in Venice and saw Samantha driving out of her driveway. A photographer was said to have asked the DJ what the situation was, to which she said: "Trust me, it wasn't planned." And when another photographer asked her what was happening, she said: "You tell me." Which would lead you to believe that she's not happy having her ex as her neighbour.

It was originally reported that Lindsay said she wanted to stay until the weekend and gradually release herself into reality. At present, there are no snaps of her out and about but, once they surface, you'll be the first to know, 'cause I know you're all only dying to see her and her oversized sunglasses again.

-Alicia Coyle