G'wan Kelly Brook, taking the high road and still managing to land a dig at Katie Price's comments about her weight after she labelled her a 'heffer' last week because she's a jealous, bitter attention seeker. Why do we have a feeling this celebrity spat is only just getting started?

Brook was asked by OK! magazine whether she sees herself as a role model for girls, and she admitted that until she hadn't, but 'then when I was attacked by another female celebrity, so many women jumped to my defence - I was overwhelmed. Women would contact me and say they loved my body and that I was beautiful. I was so touched. It's hard being 33 years old and still modelling but I do it because it's nice to have a real representation of a woman out there. So now I'm very proud to be curvy, prouder than ever because of these beautiful strong women that had my back. I love that women like my body! They can relate to me because they can see I eat and don't spend my life going to the gym or having surgery. I just approach life in a much more natural way.'

That was the higher road part of the conversation, as Brook was then asked about cosmetic surgery and facial fillers, something that Katie Price is renowned for and openly a fan of, and Brook responded that she would never resort to a cosmetic surgery since it makes women look 'horrible' and much older than they actually are. 'It's not for me. I like a more natural look and I'm an actress so my face needs to have expression and actually move. Faces with too much filler look horrible. So many girls do it as a quick fix and it just makes you look older.' Snap. Someone just threw petrol on this fire. How long before Jodie Marsh elbows in for a bit of coverage?