Bill Burr's no stranger to these shores and, whenever he does arrive, he's always known for bringing some of his best material with him.

Anyone who saw the comedian in Vicar Street will know that his sharp wit, dry humour and ability to curse like a sailor is met with uproarious laughter and genuine affection. During his Monday Morning Podcast released earlier today, Burr commented on the topic of going on an European tour.

"I'll have two weeks off, then rumour has it 'Oul Freckles will be doing a nice run through Europe... which may or may not start in Ireland. It's all loose at this point, but we're slugging it out."

Burr then went on to describe his sciatica as a speed-metal band, which it totally does in fairness. There's been no official confirmation on the gig, but our guess is that the gig - if it does go ahead - will be towards the latter part of the summer, probably into the autumn around September.

Burr recently announced that the second season of his Netflix series, F Is For Family, has been commissioned and is enroute to the streaming platform.

When we know more about his proposed Dublin gig, you'll know more. Here's his podcast in full, which if you're not subscribed to, you should really remedy.


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