For the layman walking into a sports store looking for some training gear, it's often confusing to decide what brand and what kind. Just because it's a marquee brand, doesn't mean the quality will be top drawer for the sport or gym work you're doing.

We've put together some of our favourite training gear for some sport specific needs.

Mixed Martial Arts

MMA, thanks to Conor McGregor and John Kavanagh, has exploded in Ireland. Whether you're looking to just get in shape or actually want to compete, the sport is currently evolving to suit you - with a barrage of gyms around the country. Reebok may be the brand kitting out premier league MMA organisation, The UFC, but there's a reason the majority of athletes pick Under Armour for their apparel. Their heat gear base layers are perfect for grappling - especially no gi. Gyms can be full of bacteria, and skin to skin contact while in whatever form of combat will only increase the risk of infection. Rashguards are prominent, as is comfort.

UA's core demo is very much everyday athletes who managed to squeeze in gains and achievements (Tough Mudder is no fun run) whilst working full-time.

If you're looking for a pair of trainers for the messy event, another company Merrell actually make a pair especially. 

Via RunLogic

When it comes to equipment for training we go by the same rule as buying a watch. If the brand exclusively makes it, and have done for a while, then they're probably good at it. Our choice is always Fairtex for sparing gear - gloves, shins etc.

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Gym Work

Obviously, heavily-dependant on what you're doing in the gym, start with the shoes - don't lift with running shoes. Well, deadlifts anyway. A comfortable cross-trainer shoe will do the trick and means to don't have to lift barefoot and stink up the gym. 

Via Under Armour

You also want to make sure you're not drenching machines - we're assuming you're sound and will wipe everything off after use. Cool Switch is solid. But you should still wipe down the machines after anyway you animal. 

Speed work - Running

The Brooks Hyperion are the latest and greatest from Brooks - who are the serious runners choice. These are perfect for quicker, shorter distances - so not ultramarathons. If you're looking to best a 10k, these badboys are the future.

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