You know when you've got grand plans to takeover the world but you're just lacking the a good base in which to launch them from?

Like your parents' garage is grand and all but it can get a little cramped right? Well you're in luck because there's a secret lair for sale in Ballymena for £575,000.

The 'layer' in question is actually a nuclear bunker, the only one in Northern Ireland in fact.

Work on the bunker, officially known as the Regional Government Headquarters (RGHQ), began in 1987. Two others planned for Craigavon and Omagh were never built. The Ballymena bunker opened in 1990 and was designed to hold 235 people, including Northern Ireland's top VIPs.

Now £575,000 may sound like a lot of money (because it is) but just look at all the cool stuff you get for that.

A huge kitchen to feed your troops.

Sleeping quarters for all your henchmen.

CCTV cameras on site.

And best of all, a war room.

Here's the entrance. 

The whole site is quite big.

There's so much potential here. You could build an outdoor swimming pool for the sharks that will have laser beams on their head.

If you think this is the lair for you, we suggest getting in touch with Lambert Smith Hampton Estate Agents immediately as a property like this won't stay on the market for long. 

Via The Belfast Telegraph