Alright, we've given it that rather clunky title ourselves to help explain what it is, but here are the basics that you need to know. 

As we all know, hunting for a place to live is tough enough without having to deal with the other main worry: the people who live there. They could become your best mates, or you could absolutely hate them, or even worse, you could move in to a room and they might decide to stick you with a portion of their rent to save themselves some cash. 

Well, fear not, because a new project is coming to Dublin to help bring you together with your future room mate/potential best friend and they plan to use the tried and tested formula of speed-dating to make it all work. 

Simply called Room Mates Dublin, the event takes place on September 24th in Grand Canal Dock, where you will meet some people who are also looking to find somewhere to live, maybe hit it off, and you can get the contact details of anyone that you're matched with. There will also be some food, drink and tunes to make sure that all goes swimmingly. Your top-notch character judgement should weed out most of the people like this.

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