The humble t-shirt is one of the most important things in any man's wardrobe, and with so many variations on the classic around now, there's any number of outfits you can put together by adding something new to your collection. 

One of the pieces that's on trend at the moment is the longline t-shirt, continuing with the trend to put a twist on some of the basics. Perfect with slim or skinny jeans and chinos, they can be used to give an edge to your look that's different to the plain tee and denim combo that makes you stand out from the crowd. Undoubtedly an influence taken from streetwear, it has exploded in popularity recently, in particular given Kanye West's penchant for wearing longline tees and shirts on a regular basis.

Here are a few of our favourites to choose from that will get you on trend, no matter what your budget is. 


Always a good bet for on trend items, Topman's collection of longline t-shirts comes in a huge range of colours and styles. If you're dipping your toe in the water on this front for the first time, there's a range of simple, block colours that makes this look particularly easy to add to your existing wardrobe. Our pick is this sand colour (€14), which is something a little bit different from plain white. 


When it comes to essentials, you rarely need to look beyond H&M. With a curved hem, this take on the longline (€14.99) is a way to try out the look and see if it's one that sits comfortably for you and your style.  

Jack & Jones

The Danish menswear brand has been busy changing its image recently, and has put a lot of emphasis behind their denim and Premium collections. However, they still do casualwear and a range of core essentials extremely well, all at the right price too. Wear this grey number (€14.95) with some bright chinos and a pair of runners to give your casual look on a sunny day a bit more of an edge. 


For the more adventurous out there, ASOS have a huge selection on offer that goes beyond the plain colours and introduces patterns into the mix. This t-Shirt in Serpent Print from Criminal Damage (€47.94) is best worn with plain skinny black jeans, as it's an eye-catching statement on its own. 



All Saints 

If you've got a bit more to spend, the fit and quality of an All Saints shirt will be instantly noticeable as part of your outfit. Whether you want a crew neck, v-neck or any other type of neck you can think of, their extensive range of t-shirts normally has something to cater for even the pickiest of t-shirt wearers out there, but this plain black Tower Crew t-shirt (€50) is a pretty safe bet, and once again will work well with dark jeans, rolled up at the ankle, for an all-black look. 


Boohoo's range covers some classic looks as well as other, more fashion forward takes at a pocket friendly price. Try this asymmetrical take on the longline look (€14) that comes in either black, grey or white, and will match perfectly with any denim in our wardrobe.

Main pic via ASOS