London Fashion Week isn't just about the usual sorts like Gemma Chan; Rachel Bilson; Lily Donaldson; Amber Rose; Bianca Jagger; Juliette Lewis; Jo Wood utilising Janice Dickinson as some sort of cape; Jamie Winstone; Ellie Gooouuuldiiihing; Kate Bosworth; the Delavigne's; Daisy Lowe in a number of outfits (A, B and OHMYEYES!); Beth Ditto; Anna Wintour; Alison Mosshart's eyebrows; Olivia Palermo; and the rest, turning up to various fashion shows like Burberry or Pringle of Scotland. It's doesn't even revolve solely around the extremely skinny, the odd alien invasion (part 1 and 2), or the Beckhams (what's she trying to communicate with her fingers?). Nay, it's also about getting skitter faced - preferably in the presence of the XXX joints and pawing police officers.

The night before last, Kate Moss and her betrothed, Jamie Hince (who's looking more like Peter Barlow every day), were seen tottering unsteadily out of a private residence at about 3 in the morning. Last night, they headed off to Box after spending the "afternoon being all civilised at Samantha Cameron's little Downing Street bash" whereupon Jamie started grappling with a photographer for whatever reason (perhaps they had summink to say abhaat Kate's pants) before the police involved themselves.

According to The Mirror: "It wasn't much of a fight, with Jamie somehow ending up on the floor and getting told off by the police. Mind, Jamie did manage to get the photographer's bum out for the cameras - and that counts for something."

Sadly, WENN don't have any shots of the snapper's hewp, if you're interested in ogling at that, you can always head over to the 3AM Giddles for a gander. Or you could stick around here and look at the man fodder on offer yesterday: Simon Le Bon (just block out Nick there); Douglas Booth; Sasha M'baye; Sam Claflin; George Craig and Jacob Young; Mark Ronson and Ronnie Wood both looking klassy; and - my perennial favourite - John Taylor *drools*

London Fashion Week Gallery: Part 1...