Everyone's wittering on about this necklace Lindsay (allegedly) swiped from some jeweller or other.

Here's a quick(ish) run down of (alleged) events thus far: Lindsay is facing the possibility of yet more jail time after she was quizzed about the disappearance of an expensive "one-of-a-kind necklace from Los Angeles boutique, Kamofie & Company. Shop surveillance footage from 22 January (11) reportedly shows Lohan trying on the chain, worth $2,500, before it went missing, and shop owners later linked its disappearance to the actress after she was snapped out a week later wearing the unique design, according to TMZ.com. Police called off the search warrant for the jewellery at Lohan's home on Tuesday (01Feb11) when one of her associates, who police won't identify *waves at Dina*, turned the necklace over to authorities. The case was handed over to the Los Angeles County District Attorney on yesterday (02Feb11) - the same day Lohan met with her probation officer to answer questions about the alleged incident. If the District Attorney decides to take up the issue, Lohan could face felony theft charges, which would result in a violation of her probation and could land her back behind bars. TMZ.com claims the star, who was recently released from a court-ordered rehab stint, denies any suggestion she took the necklace.

And, has it happens, since the CCTV footage has no audio, it's a case of "she said, she said" and therefore all fundamentally futile... apart from it generating negative PR, Lohan's bread and butter since the film offers dried up eons ago.

But was it really worth it? I mean, $2,500 (€1,810) isn't cheap, it must be some head-snapping necklace if it's worthy of "jail time." Here's a picture of the article in question. No, it's not the big one, it's the little one right around her neck. This one. No, this one. This little, teeny, tiny, little sliver of a little gold thingy that's blurry 'cause we've had to zoom in so much.

In Lindsay's defence, I'd probably forget I had that on my person too. Especially when the "jeweler knew where she lived and knew how to get in touch yet never contacted her about getting the necklace back." Probably because they knew they'd get some publicity for their baubles, which "have been featured in several celebrity magazines, including a photo of actress Amanda Seyfried in People magazine's World's Most Beautiful people issue last year..."