... that's a given considering he's just agreed to do Dr Drew Pinsky's highly regarded Celebrity Rehab. But isn't Michael free from drug and alcohol abuse at the minute? That he is. He's partaking due to his rage issues (i.e. his wanton addiction to TV cameras).

A source said: "Michael is absolutely 100% sober. He hasn't been using drugs or alcohol, but he is being treated for anger management issues. Michael has tremendous admiration for Dr. Drew, and was given this opportunity to better himself, and he took it (along with money and the promise of exposure, to hell with the potential affect on his kids, etc). Michael wants to deal with his anger issues in a controlled environment... He wants to be a positive role model for his children and he has a lot of unresolved feelings of anger towards Dina, and that needs to be dealt with. Producers of the show are hoping that Lindsay, Dina, and the other children would consider appearing on the show for family counselling, if they are comfortable in doing so. Dr. Drew wants to help heal this family and just get them sitting down in the same room, that would be the first step..." to a MASSIVE RATINGS BONANZA, BOOOYAH!

Considering Lindsay was a little miffed by her ma/nager appearing on GMA without her daughter's consent, surely Michael asked his eldest girl if it was OK he expose himself on a TV series? Nay. He just barrelled on in regardless, and she's said to be "shocked and upset" by his decision. Upset, granted, but "shocked"? TMZ also added: "We’re told Lohan is saying she’s most upset that her dad, Michael Lohan, began taping the show without ever giving her a heads up.
Lohan is also adamant she will NEVER make an appearance on the show. Lindsay also wants to know how much Michael is getting paid for the gig - because she wants to make sure her dad kicks over some of the cash to Dina … since he should be paying his child support for Ali and Cody."

So, who's he appearing with. Jeremy Jackson who used to play Hobie in Baywatch... that couple who decided to crash a party in the Whitehouse a while back... Some former pitcher for the METS... and Bai Ling, who TMZ has down as "actress?" Really? "Desperatepapfodder McSideboob" might be more apt.