'Oppenheimer' is one of the biggest films of 2023, having passed $700 million at the global box office.

Its lead actor Cillian Murphy has been praised for giving one of the best performances of his career and the Corkman is a shoo-in for the Best Actor Oscar.

Director Christopher Nolan, meanwhile, has been hailed as a visionary and his film about J. Robert Oppenheimer and the nuclear scientist's role in the Manhattan Project - and its aftermath - stands among his masterpieces.

However, although the film has been roundly acclaimed, not everyone is in agreement on those two points.

YouTuber Logan Paul, who has recently turned his attention to boxing and WWE, says that he walked out of the film because there was "too much talking."

Speaking to Australian filmmakers Danny and Michael Phillipou (directors of new horror film 'Talk to Me') on his ImPaulsive podcast, he said "I walked out of 'Oppenheimer'." When the Phillipous expressed disbelief, Paul added: "I didn’t know what they were trying [to do]. ‘What are you doing?’ Everyone’s just talking. It’s just an hour and a half, 90 minutes, of talking, just talking, talking."

"It’s all exposition," he continued. "Nothing happened."

He did add how he had considered walking out of another of Nolan's films, 'Interstellar', after 18 minutes - but it's now in his "top three favourite movies".