A newspaper in Cork had a very unfortunate typo this week when they were reporting on local boy Graham Norton winning a BAFTA recently.

Undoubtedly proud of their homegrown talent, who is currently ruling the roost when it comes to late night chat shows in the UK (and here if we're honest, sorry Tubs), the paper were reporting on him picking up his latest award, but they managed to type out the wrong second name, confusing the chat show host with a very different figure who was in the headlines recently. 

Corkman and rugby pundit Declan Whooley spotted the error, and shared it with the the Twitterverse, which does make for some awkward reading. 

It reads: "West Cork's most famous TV personality - BBC chat show host Graham Dwyer - was awarded a prestigious BAFTA this week". The pressure of meeting a deadline can sometimes lead to some very strange errors.