Joy of joys, someone has discovered a new iPhone bug that, at best, let's anyone lock you out of your Messages app and at worst crashes your phone. And all by receiving a string of characters via text.


And one of the worst parts is that it doesn't have to come from someone with an iPhone or the Messages app - anyone can text you the string of characters to disable your phone. Wonderful.

According to The Verge, people began reporting the issue yesterday and since it's been discovered, people are being as dickish to each other as you can imagine people would be once they learn they have the power to lock people out of their phones, with some refusing to follow up their texts with the necessary reply to fix it.

As you can imagine, Twitter has gone a bit mental as a result.


It doesn't appear to be working on everyone, with older iPhone models seemingly spared. The Verge themselves reported that on an iPhone 5S, the app was merely slowed down, but don't take that as a sign you're safe.

As for undoing it? There are a number of options available, mostly revolving around replying to the offending text. If you have a Mac, all you have to do is send a reply to the conversation from the Message app on your laptop/desktop. If your iPhone is the only Apple device in your possession, you can reply be sending something to the person via the 'Share' functionality on other apps on your phone or by using Siri to send the texter a message (more than likely a giant 'F*ck you').


Via The Verge