Ireland's favourite flute-playing singer Lizzo has come under fire for accusing a delivery person of stealing her food - and they are now pressing charges.

Back in September Lizzo sent out, and later deleted, a tweet accusing a delivery person of stealing her food. Tweeting a picture of the alleged delivery woman to American delivery company Postmates, she said: "Hey @Postmates this girl Tiffany W. stole my food she lucky I don’t fight no more".

The 'Juice' singer apologised following her post, saying in the future she will "check my petty and my pride at the door".

The delivery didn't happen due to no-one answering the phone number linked to the Postmates account, as well as no room number being given for the Revere Hotel in Boston where Lizzo had been staying at the time. Having already waited around for 10 minutes, delivery woman Tiffany Wells gave up hope and moved on to her next delivery.

No longer working for Postmates, Tiffany is now suing the singer for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.  She said that because of the failed Lizzo delivery, she has been subjected to ridicule, humiliation, stress, and anxiety.

Wells’ lawyers have said: "Lizzo’s conduct was extreme and outrageous in that she used her celebrity to publicly defame, disparage, and threaten a private individual, to roughly one million Twitter followers."

The incident isn't the first court battle for Lizzo of late, with the singer having filed a lawsuit against a songwriting trio who claim that the artist stole their melody for her hit song 'Truth Hurts'.