Instead of fading off into a dignified obscurity, Liz Hurley decided to rouse her body of work in the minds of millions by saying this recently: "Filming is very hard with a child, and I found I wasn't able to be a good mum and do movies. I really do very little film work at all (her last role was a straight to DVD venture by the name of Method. It was released in 2004). I decided I couldn't really do movies any more, which was a huge decision because I love making movies. But I didn't want to be the sort of mother who was abroad filming all the time and away from my son and I didn't want to take Damian out of school to travel with me and be educated by tutors." Liz - wandering around in a pin cushion beside Hugh Grant at a film premier, and appearing in one dubiously decent movie (that being Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery), several TV films and an alleged Duran Duran video does not make a movie career worth reminding people of. On the upside, she's being a good mum. On the upside, she's taking her role as a mother very seriously.