Apologies, I know, The Lohans again, geez, it's just so, just so unimaginative but, I promise, it's different this time. Something amazing has happened. Both Dina and Michael Lohan managed to stand side by side on the steps of a courthouse (after another visitation hearing or other), in front of a swirling sea of microphones and lenses, and not say a word (although Dina couldn't resist giving a thumbs up, bless. Probably some secret code to her fans that Michale wasn't attempting to stab her in the back). Instead, they let a representative speak on their behalf: "Both the parties want the press to know they love their children very much. They want the press to stay out of their lives (when it suits them). They are doing what's in the best interests of the children (which includes a reality TV show) and they would appreciate that they are allowed to participate in their children's lives without the press (unless it's to promote aforementioned reality TV show)."

We're not certain if this showcase of solidarity happened before or after Michael was quoted as saying: "When it comes to our daughters, (Dina) has always viewed herself as a manager first, friend second, and mother third. Our younger daughter, Ali... has been cast in a movie and is recording an album. Dina, quite simply, views Ali as a bankable commodity. Dina is a wanna-be living off Lindsay's fame."

News just in: Michael has "signed a deal to critique it (Living Lohan) in a US showbiz magazine."