How does a child star entertain themselves on a night out now that they're "rehabilitated"? They knick stuff. According to The Post, Lindsay Lohan swiped someone else's mink coat from a club and then spent the next three weeks larking about in it for the cameras. Covert. "Masha Markova, 22, believed she had forever lost the prized jacket - a gift from her grandmother *sobs* - while attending a private birthday party at 1Oak in the Meatpacking District in the early-morning hours of Jan. 26. She added that at one point, she was seated next to Lohan, and recalled putting the mink in a common bin with other jackets. It was gone when she prepared to leave 1Oak after an hour... Two weeks later, Markova flipped through the Feb. 11 edition of OK! Magazine and couldn't believe her eyes - Lohan was photographed the night of Jan. 26 wearing the very same fur coat." Hang on, before you start gathering stones, might it be possible that Lindsay mistook it for her own mink? NAAAAAAH. According to The Mirror: "After surfing t'internet Masha found several photos of Lindsay in the coat, plus one of her arriving at 10ak that night in a black one." After the student ordered her lawyers to contact Lohan's, she got a call from the 10ak staff: "They never mentioned a name or the word 'coat'. They just said, 'We're going to bring you something'." Two days later she was presented with her coat, but with the added bang of "boozer" off it, and a little tear in the seam. She is now suing Lindsay for "at least $10,000 for the unauthorised, three-week rental." I'd demand more - Lord knows what happened to it in those three weeks... *cue montage of Dina turning up on doorsteps to flash movie execs... Cody fashioning it into the shape of another 'blonde mommy'... Ali crawling inside it for some comfort, foetal in it's furry warmth...  Michael using it as a house...*