Of her family's thoughts regarding her relationship with Samantha Ronson, Lindsay said:

"It's never really come up as an issue. We're close; we've been through a lot. They're supportive of me whether I'm with a guy or a girl. They're just supportive of me as a person. Ali's known Samantha for a really long time. And she’s like, 'Whatever it is, I support you. I probably won't ever do what it is you're doing, but I'm happy for you.' Ali's very mature. I've told her that it's okay to like a boy or a girl if you're comfortable with it and it's something you believe you want to do. And I told her not to be afraid of who she wants to be."

All in good time, Lindsay. All in good time. As I recall, it's quite difficult for a 14-year-old to openly discuss possible forays into lesbianism - irrespective of her reported level of enforced maturity.