Not that the term "jail time" in conjunction with the name "Lohan" is special in anyway; this is just more of a recap of what happened to her in court yesterday. That being nothing special. She's just been given more time to think about how she wants to plea.

So, come this day two weeks, TMZ will have to set up yet another live stream from the Los Angeles County Superior Court Airport Courthouse, and the world will watch what outfit Lindsay will choose to don on that occasion. This time around, she wore what appears to be a beige latex or (p)leather number, much to the displeasure of her pendulums; they're looking a little squished. Wraparound dresses are your friend, Lindsay, wraparound dresses. 'Til next time *doffs cap*

Meanwhile, Dina is doing one of the two things she knows how to do - the first being exploit her children on television, the second being suing people. This time, she's gone for the second option. The Sun reports: "Lindsay's mum Dina is now considering a lawsuit against them (Kamofie & Co) after the surveillance tape was sold for more than £21,000. She said: 'Once again, celebrities are faced with the possibilities of their normal daily activity being filmed and sold without their knowledge and their consent (like when their parents repeatedly go on Piers Morgan, or Good Morning America, without said celebrity's knowledge), and our family is looking into formal legal action.'"

Cause that's how the Lohan's role nowadays.