Everyone's still following Lindsay Lohan's movements like it matters, or something.

True, it would be wildly interesting if she was in fact due to be arrested as soon as her plane from Cannes touched down in LA, but that's not going to happen now.

"A warrant for Lohan's arrest has been recalled just hours after it was issued (to recap, she was meant to attend her hearing in LA. Instead, she decided to go to Cannes, and then claimed her passport was "stolen" so she couldn't get her flight home). The 23-year-old actress posted bail yesterday, before she even arrived back in LA from France (in fairness, who wants to deal with being arrested after a long haul flight). Lohan, who missed a probation court hearing after failing to arrive back from the Cannes Film Festival, put down $10,000 - the standard 10 percent - of the $100,000 bail amount."

"Bail has been posted and the court has the bond," a court official confirmed. "Whenever someone bonds in, the warrant gets recalled." Judge Revel indicated in court that there would be conditions attached to Lohan's bail including no alcohol, random drug testing at least once a week, and she also gets to sport a fancy SCRAM bracelet.

Hence why Lindsay's been letting more than her hair down in the interim. These photos of her enjoying the quite life in the south of France quite obviously come from TMZ. This one is my favourite, mostly because it beautifully conveys Lindsay Lohan's future given her complete disregard for the law.