Well how's this for shocking - Lindsay Lohan served just 84 minutes of her 24-hour jail sentence yesterday. And where did this whopping display of justice occur? Los Angeles County's Lynwood Jail - the celebrity favourite after the fine treatment received by Paris and Nicole. The Mean Girls star handed herself in to the jail at 10.30am to serve the remainder of her DUI sentence and was released at 11.54am. Nicole Richie served 82 minutes in the same prison for a DUI conviction in August, while earlier this year, Paris Hilton served 23 days (half her original sentence) for driving with a suspended licence. Lindsay was originally sentenced to the mandatory minimum of four days in jail after pleading no contest to two DUI charges. Prosecutors agreed to reduce this to just two days if she served 10 days of community service. Then a further day was taken off the jail sentence because of time Lohan has already served during "her other arrests"... Then they probably gave her a lollipop, a playful smack on the arse and sent her on her way.