Prepare yourselves, for the Apocalypse is surely nigh... Dina 'ma/nager' Lohan has been voted mother of the year... To put it another way; someone who's watched their first born commit drunk-driving / attend rehab three times in the space of a year, and is still willing to put her youngest daughter in the same position, is a 'Top Mom' *cue yapping dogs tottering backwards, frogs belting down on car bonnets, the heads of newborns' pulling 360s while the all the seas turn to boiling blood*. Lets not completely loose a grasp of our rags quite yet, though - the organisation that awarded her with the title is one called *winces* Mingling Moms. These people think exploiting their children is aces! According to The Post, the Long Island based charity which has also deemed the mothers of Eddie Murphy and Steve Guttenberg 'Top Moms'. Mingling Moms president Erica Logiudice called Dina "such a dedicated mom... Through all the ups and downs of Lindsay, she has been by her side." You don't see a correlation there, Erica, no?