Ah, Liveline - never, ever change.

Today's episode covered a range of topics from a viral TikTok video to several people reporting fraudulent activity. However, one topic naturally captured the nation's attention because it involved sex, and specifically, masturbation.

Robert Gogan called into the show to take umbrage with a recent guideline pamphlet distributed by the HSE about safe sex practices during the pandemic. Specifically, the pamphlet suggested that online pornography or masturbation is a safer alternative in times of social distancing.

Needless to say, the whole thing descended into barely ordered chaos when numerous people began to call in and the push-pull of modern Ireland and Catholic Ireland played out over the airwaves. As you'd expect, Twitter lit up with some of the callers.

The episode was by far one of the most talked-about this month, and further proof that we're all slowly going insane from being in a pandemic. If you want to listen back to the sheer and utter madness, the full episode is up now on RTÉ and you check out the HSE's guidelines over here too.