Hang on to your hats people, this fun ride of pregnancy announcements isn't over just yet.

Liv Tyler is the latest celeb to throw her occupied body into the ring of announcements this week as she revealed she is reportedly pregnant with her second child. Tyler, who already has son Milo, nine, with ex-husband Royston Langdon, is said to be expecting her first child with British boyfriend Dave Gardner,who just so happens to be BFFs with David Beckham.

The couple, who met through their mutual friend Kate Moss earlier this year, have had their baby news apparently confirmed by 'sources' to E! News. Tyler recently admitted she was '100 per cent planning' on having more children, saying 'I hope I will have more children. If the stork could just drop it off on my roof, I'd be so happy - I'd have, like, 20.'

Tyler, who will be sitting pretty on your tellybox in HBO's The Leftovers on Sky Atlantic this month, has also said her son is her number one priority, saying: 'Ever since Milo was born, I haven't really been making many movies because I just can't imagine being away from home for long periods of time.' Live has no plans to rush into tying the knot anytime soon, so don't go holding out for a celeb wedding.

'That's something interesting that happens in your thirties. You're not in the stage anymore of princes and happily ever after. It's a different stage of acceptance and realisation about the realities of love and relationships. Forever is a long time.'

That may change with a new baba on the way though, because they certainly are forever.