There is something unsettlingly beautiful about most of Hollywood's big names that really differentiates us from them. It's what makes us flick over glossy images of them countless times and, in many cases, love them for something other than their talent. However, aside from feeding our adoration of said stars, modern media's intense scrutiny on the famous means they must ensure constant, inhuman perfection in every way possible and that often means help from an outside source. Not only do bagfuls of them run to the plastic surgeon's office but there is a scaring habitual use of Photoshop. If someone told us our photos needed to be doctored they'd be bitch slapped from here to high heaven so to be fair, those stars you think have a cushty life must also have some thick skin.  Here's a list of some of the most shocking Photoshop slips you're likely to see.

1) Madonna 


2) Katy Perry

3) Britney Spears

4) Megan Fox


5) Kiera Knightley


6) Penelope Cruz

7) Kiera Knightley

8) Fergie

9) Penelope Cruz


10) Britney Murphy

11) Britney Spears

12) Beyonce

13) George Clooney

14) Julia Styles

15) Jonathon Rhys Meyers

16) Jennifer Lawrence

17) Madonna

18) Kelly Clarkson

19) Taylor Lautner (OK this is just pure funsies)


Credit: Reddit