Last week, 86 year old Buzz Aldrin fell ill after becoming the oldest person ever to reach the South Pole.

He was evacuated to Christchurch, New Zealand and in a wonderful coincidence for fans everywhere, the real life 'Starman' is being treated by David Bowie. 

OK obviously that David Bowie is among the stars himself now but his namesake, Dr. David Bowie is still in Christchurch, monitoring the health of Aldrin who of course was the second man to walk on the moon. 

Aldrin's manager, Christina Korp, took to Twitter to point out the serendipity. 

Aldrin and Neil Amrstrong became the first men to walk on the moon on July 20th, 1969. Less than a fortnight before, Bowie released the hit single, "Space Oddity" which charted the adventures of fictional astronaut, Major Tom, who slipped the earth’s shackles to journey among the stars.

Via Time