TV3’s political editor Ursula Halligan wrote a touching piece in The Irish Times today where she opened up about her sexuality, and has since been receiving a huge amount of praise. 

The piece touched thousands of people, who identified with her story of not wanting to be labelled with the horrible and offensive terms that were used to describe members of the LGBT community at the time when she was growing up, and how she ended up repressing her feelings, leaving her lost and alone. 

Speaking to Anton Savage on Today FM, Halligan spoke frankly and openly about the struggles she's gone through since, how she wanted nothing more than to be "normal" when she was younger. However, over time and with changing attitudes here in Ireland, exemplified by the upcoming referendum on marriage equality, she has moved towards telling the truth about herself. 

"We are facts of nature not freaks of nature", she told Savage, adding that the reaction to her piece "has been wonderful; I have been swamped in the most beautiful texts from people that I will always cherish". 

You can listen to the full interview below: