In case you're unfamiliar with the game, Payday 2 is a game where you can rob banks and perform other illegal activities with your friends, and earlier this week they introduced a new character in the form of some downloadable content.

The character is female, something which has been the focus of much attention in the gaming industry recently, and she's also played by an Irish actor. The character's name is Clover, and she's described as being from "a rough house in a rough part of town. Her ancestors were fighters in every generation, and she is fiercely dedicated to her Irish heritage", which includes her having a shillelagh as her weapon of choice when she's not firing guns. 

She's voiced by Séainín Brennan (who you might recognise from The Fall) and someone has put all of the lines together that she says in the game on YouTube. While it would take you quite a long time to get through all her dialogue from the game, you'll only need to get through about three seconds to hear her saying "ah here!". There's a bit of NSFW language in the video too, including the word "ballsack"...

Main pic via Gamespot