The Rubberbandits are, it seems, the authority on yokes in Ireland, which is why they were on Newstalk last night to talk about its effects.

Blindboy Boatclub appeared on the Tom Dunne show last night after claiming that he was going to be under the influence of 'yips', as a result of the legal loophole that accidentally legalised drugs in Ireland for 48 hours.

For a man who's 'on yokes', Blindboy seems to be fairly clear in his thought process, stating that it was a "legislative anomaly which not only exposes massive incompetence in our system but also calls into question the rationale of drug laws themselves". You can listen to the full interview below:

Blindboy has form when it comes to being fairly intelligent and making a number of decent points on radio, when he appeared on Joe Duffy a while back to defend one of their videos from the attacks of Liveline callers who didn't get the joke.