We've only heard a few short seconds of it, but this is setting up to be the best audiobook since I Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan.

In case you've not been on the internet at all in the past few days, you might have missed the news that Roy Keane has a new autobiography out, full of pretty hilarious quotes and him having a go at more or less everyone on the planet that he's ever come in to contact with. Obviously, this is exciting stuff, but get your wallet out and be prepared to fork over your cold, hard cash once you hear this.

Roy Keane will be reading at least some of his own audiobook, and TV3's Tommy Martin captured this short clip of an excerpt after it was released ahead of the press conference that Keane will hold this afternoon to launch the book.

Had we simply read the book, we would have heard Keane's voice in our mind's ear (as it were) but the haunting, terrifying sound of Keane's voice reading the various insults that the book surely contains is something that would probably scar you for your remaining days. Still, we want it.