Bid a warm welcome to your honourary hero for this Paddy's Weekend, Mr Cormac Moore.

The comedian and host of iRadio's 'The Cracked i' with Daniella Moyles obviously felt the same amount of inordinate rage that the rest of us felt after TMZ posted a video discussing how none of us here in little old Ireland would know who Beyoncé and Jay Z were because, you know, we're still living in wattle and daub cottages and have yet to master the art of basic human communication. But instead of just ranting on the internet, Cormac went a step further and delivered his message to TMZ personally by leaving the most brilliant voicemail we've ever heard.

It's NSFW, but you'll be cheering by the end of it.

Saying what the entire country wanted to? We doff our caps and lift our glasses to you Cormac.

Via iRadio/Twitter