You read that right. Brendan O'Carroll is guest-hosting the Marian Finucane Show on Radio 1 this weekend. The show sees the host regularly interacting with listeners and guests alike.

The show had O'Carroll discuss football violence with Irish legend Paul McGrath before the show moved on to another section which saw O'Carroll talk to Eddie Molloy.

Molloy admitted that he's in a bit of financial hardship and that he's trying to get a new business venture off the ground. Eddie Molloy explained his idea, to which O'Carroll replied that he was lucky enough to have a film out that was doing well.

O'Carroll then said he would put up €30,000 of his own money and invested in the man's business there and then.

That's a pretty big gesture from one complete stranger to another. Fair play to him.

Here's the audio in question.

Thanks to Bryan MacDonald for sending us the audio.