'Derry Girls' is one of the biggest Irish-set TV series of recent years, and both the show and its writer/creator Lisa McGee have bagged multiple awards.

However, it seems that McGee has a bugbear regarding how some people perceive her and the sitcom - more specifically, those who claim that she's not 'properly Irish' because she's from Derry.

She took to Twitter to berate those who dismiss her as such, even though she is proudly Irish.

Her rant was in response to an article in London-based newspaper The Irish Post that recounted the experience of a Belfast native who was made organiser of the Listowel Writer's Week festival, and how his appointment raised questions like 'Could they not have got someone Irish to do it?'

McGee linked to the article, saying "The ' you're not properly Irish, you're from the North' brigade are in my top 3- two bottles of Prosecco in rants. The worst. The stupidity. I cannot deal as I believe the wains say. ( they probably don't)".

Others agreed with her, with one person saying "Would they have denied [Seamus] Heaney was Irish too?".