Urrgggh. That pretty much sums up how everyone in EI towers is feeling this morning. I think we're all getting too old for going out on a school night - well, I am anyway. Last night we got the party shoes on and the swanky attire out and briskly made our way to a lovely restaurant on St Stephen's Green, (for the crimbo partaay). We had a delicious meal, along with a few glasses of vino. This in turn led us to a cocktail bar and then a nightclub until the early hours of this morning. I now wish I, like Sheena, took today off. I feel very sorry for myself right now and due to this fact, the brain is not working as well as it should be so, bare with me. Anyone got any good hangover cures??

Anyway, on to the gossip. According to TMZ this morning, Lindsay Lohan is being stalked and they are reporting that it is Sam Lutfi. Oh yes, he's back folks. To refresh your memories, he's the guy Britney was hanging around with just before she lost her marbles and was placed under a 5150 hold. The website claims LiLo is being harassed by texts and voicemails from someone saying they are watching her, along with a few remarks towards her recovery. One of the texts apparently warned Lindsay to stay away from Dina and it was signed, 'Mike from TMZ'. When the number was traced, it went back to Sam. Now, the Betty Ford clinic are moving her to a more secure location.

What's weird though is that it appears Lutfi has been in close contact with Michael Lohan. That man will stoop to any level.

-Alicia Coyle