Well this can't be good. It's never going to help when your own lawyer, who you pay for, calls you out for your behaviour, but that's the case for Lindsay Lohan today, as her lawyer admits the troubled actress is out of control.

Julia Azrael, who is now co-representing the Mean Girls star after she parted ways with her long-term attorney Shawn Holley, says she doesn't want to be blamed for Lindsay's flaky behaviour and says it's impossible to stay in touch with her, saying 'I have made many efforts to convince Lohan to appear for her deposition. I do not know how to reach her directly.'

LiLo is required to make a deposition in a pending lawsuit, after photographer Grigor Balyan recently filed documents claiming Lindsay's been busy partying instead of giving evidence in his case against her. Balyan claims Lindsay's assistant drove into him while leaving a Hollywood nightclub back in 2010, while Lohan was in the passenger seat (we've a feeling he deserved it though, if behaviour like this is in anyway indicative of Lindsay's day to day).

Balyan has asked the judge to fine Lindsay and Azrael for giving him the runaround. In the document - which have been seen by gossip website TMZ - Azrael claims she has to go through Lindsay's other lawyer, Mark Heller, to get through to her and says Heller's been making it difficult. As well as this case, Lindsay is also facing three misdemeanour counts involving a car crash last June after being charged for resisting, obstruction, providing false information to a police officer and reckless driving. La Vida Lohan really is loco. She really needs to just move to a dessert island for a while. For her own good.