Grand Theft Auto's loading screens are a facet of every game since all the way back in the '90s when the game first landed on PC.

For those who don't know, they're usually stylised drawings of characters in the game - some you interact with, some you don't - and it's usually just a way to pass the time before you go mowing people down in the street and so on.

Anyway, Grand Theft Auto V's loading screen featured a character in a bikini giving a peace sign to a phone - later revealed in the game to be a self-centred actress named Lacey Jonas -  which, according to Lindsay Lohan and her lawyers, was too similar to Lohan herself. The case itself was initially thrown out in the first trial and in a 6-0 vote in the New York Court of Appeals on Thursday, the case was thrown out again.

Lohan, who's been back in the news lately for ads she did for (no, really), made no comment following the judge's decision. In the summation, Judge Eugene Fahy also dismissed a similar complaint by reality TV star Karen Gravano of Mob Wives, who'd made a similar complaint against Take-Two Interactive, the company behind GTA.

Just for reference, here's the character / image in question that Lohan initially said looked like her.