Ah crap, that's all he needs. His mum died unexpectedly not too long ago and, speaking from experience, trying to deal with that as a teenager can lead to some rather poor decision making. Bit of an understatement in Michael Neeson's case.

27-year-old Lindsay - who was most recently linked with 19-year-old model Liam Dean - was seen growing close to 18-year-old Michael at a party last week ago, and again at Finale nightspot in New York City and onlookers claim they even spent time in the women's bathroom, you know, to get away from other revellers.

A source said: "Lindsay seems to have this thing for younger men at the moment. They were together at a house party of one of Lindsay's stylist friends before Thanksgiving, and were together at Finale on Friday. Lindsay was seen leading him into the women's bathroom, hand-in-hand." Super.

Despite her closeness to Michael at the nightspot, Lindsay - who was also linked to another teenager, Ralph Lauren model Morgan O'Connor, earlier this year - also spent time there with Dean.

The source added to the New York Post's Page Six: "The odd thing was that Dean was with them all night, even though Lindsay had been seeing him, too." Teenagers, hah, they don't mind sharing as much as you'd think.

Hang about though, there may be a chink of light; a spokesperson for Liam insisted 'it's not true' that Michael is dating Lindsay, and the troubled actress' representative added: "Lindsay is friends with Michael but they are not dating."

Dating or not, still not the best of company, Liam. I'd get all Taken on her hewp.