The world is waking up this morning to the incredibly unsettling news that #Brexit is actually happening and Britain have decided to leave the EU.

If you're a bit unsure about what all of this Brexit talk really means for Britain and the EU and the likes of Ireland or the US, John Oliver has a brilliant sketch that gets it all in one, with an added dose of humour (this is how we get our head around most international politics).

Meanwhile, celebrities have been reacting to the news, and few seem more passionate about #Brexit than former Mean Girls star Lindsay Lohan. On Twitter, she went on a rant that's kind of hard to keep up with. But stick with her; the actress has apparently recently made Britain her home with her wealthy Russian boyfriend.

This is one of her more profound observations...

And then eventually she tires out and gives us all a break...

But not before sharing a random photo of herself on Instagram just to remind people to #Remain (after the fact that they've chosen not to).


#remain ðŸ™ÂÂ?ðŸÂÂ?»

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Perhaps the only good thing to come of this result is that Lindsay Lohan may get her own political commentary show. We'll have Trump as the US President, Nigel Farage will take over from Cameron who's just resigned, and Lindsay Lohan will become the 21st century David Frost. In a word, GRIM.


Update: If you're wondering why everything above looks bananas, it's because Lindsay's gone and deleted all her Brexit tweets and Instagram posts from last night in lieu of this.

Guess she really cares.