It's been a while since there's been a Living La Vida Lohan themed post, but given she's returned to New York to conclude her never ending community service by reportedly helping at a pre-school in Brooklyn, before confronting her alleged stalker in court back in London, this is as good a time as any. 

Now to the small matter of the stalker. According to The Daily Mail, the 37-year-old German - by the name of Daniel Voderwulbecke - kicked off his quest to terrorise Lohan while she was rehearsing for Speed The Plough in London. He sent items such as "flowers and woolly jumper and even produced a ‘marriage certificate’ for the two of them." In a less conventional means to woo, he also sent her "tampons." 

He then commenced following her to the local hotspots like Chiltern Firehouse. He damaged a doorframe when he wasn't permitted to enter. He also caused harm to a bin in the foyer of the Playhouse Theatre.

On top of that, he got busy on social media, posting sentiments such as "F*** off and die b****, I hate you, evil devil" and 'I'll get you, wherever you are."

Lohan is due to provide 40 minutes of evidence at Voderwulbecke's trial at Westminster Magistrates Court, which is "set to start on the same day Lindsay is due to complete her court ordered community service in New York," that being May 28th. 

Senior District Judge Howard Riddle said: "The parties are aware that until today I had been greatly concerned that there was no obvious basis for calling Miss Lohan to give evidence, because no clearly identified issues had been put before me. However, I am satisfied from the information provided by the defence today that there is proper material on which to cross-examine, in particular in relation to the impact, which is an ingredient, as I understand it, to the offence."

Voderwulbecke is currently being held in a in a psychiatric hospital.