She’s a far cry from The Parent Trap and Mean Girls star we once knew her to be.

ICYMI, earlier this week, Lindsay Lohan came out and interviewed with this pretty surreal European accent.

Fans and the media were quick to react to the interview and tried to dissect the accent, which constituted a weird hybrid mix of European and American dialects.

Apparently, the actress has now expressed that she’s sick of people’s fascination with her accent and wants people to stop talking about it.

She released the statement via Snapchat through a selfie (using the popular flower crown filter) with the message ‘I just want everyone to not focus on my accent and be happy and help each other and recognise what’s happening’ across it.

via Snapchat

The actress is a self-proclaimed humanitarian now (as she expressed in the recent interview in question), but one can’t help but think that this is all just a big PR stunt. She’s getting the attention in any way, so if she means it, she’ll use that positively.