How nice of Scores, they've heard Lindsay's moving to New York in the new year and have lined up some work for her.

One of New York's seediest strip clubs (I'm basing that purely on the homeless sorts they have handing out their flyers off Times Square) is willing to fork out the $16,000 the 26-year-old actress owes to a storage company and reunite her with her prized possessions - which will be sold off at auction later this month if she can't come up with the cash - should she agree to "man their website" And that apparently doesn't involve a load of questionable web cam action.

The role in question is strictly no-nudity, as the club want to hire her as their "online video chat webmaster." For realz. Scores has also offered to pay the rent on Lindsay's Beverley Hills mansion for the next couple of months in the hope she'll agree to their deal, according to TMZ. Why such a generous offer? Because they know twats like me will post something about it.

Lindsay - who posed naked for Playboy last year, resulting in one of the best selling copies ever - currently faces losing designer clothes, family heirlooms and the usual "potentially embarrassing" articles stored in her private locker after falling behind on payments.

The Liz & Dicker's bank accounts have been frozen by the IRS over unpaid taxes of $233,904 for 2009 and 2010, and she also owes £8,000 in rent for her mansion.

Benevolent soul Charlie Sheen recently gave her £100,000 to help her out, but claims Lindsay has yet to thank him for the gesture.

He should've given it all to this little lady.