Get ready for a media sh*tstorm of Lindsay Lohan, as the rehab frequenter, reality documentary star and actor is looking to make a semi-permanent move to London with her sights set on a West End and stage debut this year.

The Mean Girl herself has apparently been in London for several weeks and has now revealed she is in the city to prepare for a potential appearance in stage production 'Speed-the-Plow', a venture she is both 'nervous' and 'excited' about, telling the New York Times: 'It's the first time I've done a stage play or anything like that. I'm nervous but I'm excited.'

The production is a satirical take on the dreams and strategies of Hollywood executives, something Lohan should have first hand experience of considering her life so far, and will reportedly open in November.

It was revealed earlier this week that Lindsay - who has been changing hotels in London every three weeks, either to stay off the radar or because no one will house her longer - is house-hunting in the city as she wants to find a more permanent base, with the rumour mill saying she is hoping to stay in the city for at least a year. Former model and reality TV star Tom Kilbey - who Lindsay is also rumoured to be dating - has been on several nights out with Lindsay in London and says she is a big fan of the local 'scene'.

He said: 'I met Lindsay four years ago through mutual friends when I was working in LA. She's actually really down to earth and cool. I think she likes the scene over here.'

We can't wait to see her hanging out of Danny Dyer's arm in the Queen Vic (make it happen BBC).