Yesterday we thought she'd found a way to dodge the slammer, but now it looks like Lindsay Lohan could have just set herself up for some jail time after rejecting a plea bargain of rehab, because she claims she doesn't have a drinking problem. And the Pope sh*ts in the woods Lindsay, right?

Apparently Lindsay's lawyer spoke with prosecutors in both Santa Monica and LA yesterday to make a deal to avoid jail time over her car crash last June - for which she is facing charges of resisting, obstruction, providing false information to a police officer and reckless driving - but Lindsay has categorically refused the conditions of spending time in a residential rehab facility.

Now there's apparently a good old fashioned X Factor style deadlock because she is adamant she won't suffer 'punishment for something [she] didn't do', so even when prosecutors suggested 30 days in rehab instead of the original 60, the lawyer didn't accept the offer. According to TMZ, 'Negotiations are ongoing.' If a deal isn't made, Lindsay will have to appear in court on March 18. If she even decides to show up.