Looks like Lindsay Lohan could be dodging jail time once again as she is to be offered a plea deal that would see her spend two months in rehab.

Facing charges of resisting, obstruction, providing false information to a police officer and reckless driving in relation to her car crash last June (where she reportedly smelled of alcohol while she was arrested on the Pacific Coast Highway and an unspecified bottle of alcohol was found next to her Porsche), California prosecutors are reportedly planning to offer her a new deal that would avoid jail time and help her 'tackle her problems'.

According to TMZ, the Santa Monica City Attorney dealing with her case might be prepared to strike a new deal for the troubled redhead that would see her spend 60 days - four months less than originally suggested - in a residential rehab facility. So a detox holiday essentially. Do we really think she's capable of sticking it out that long, seeing as she up and outs out of rehab every other week.

It's not all plain sailing though, as the Los Angeles City Attorney is also involved in the case as they are dealing with Lindsay's probation violation stemming from conditions set following that misdemeanour theft case in July 2011, and may want to see her face well and truly behind bars although reps are hoping to change their attitude today at the plea bargain meeting between the lawmen and her lawyer Mark Heller. Part of his reasoning for the plea is that Lindsay will benefit more from it saying 'Lindsay will gladly be participating in intensive psychotherapy, submitting herself to regular screenings and contributing her time to the production of public service messages.' Because nothing is going to be as sincere and effective as LiLo telling us how drink is bad for us. He also wants here to visit kids in schools, hospitals and other places 'where she may provide inspirational talks'. Because that's the first thing people think of when they encounter Lindsay Lohan. Inspirational.