It's never easy being forced to face your parent's blinding flaws (apart from when you're a teenager, that's when you stupidly go on the hunt for them), which is probably why Lindsay Lohan hasn't quite addressed the issues regarding her ma/nager.

The glaring realisation that her mother is in the same league as her father came to Lindsay's notice last week when Dina decided to go on the Today Show against her daughter's wishes.

Avid senior Lohan enablers, TMZ, report: "Our sources say ever since the interview Lindsay has been wary of her mom and is beginning to understand her antics are part of the reason she has so many problems. The flip side, sources say, is that Lindsay is beginning to realize Dina's demonization of Michael is not a true picture - that both parents share the blame. Lindsay, we're told, is impressed with her dad's seeming sincerity in reaching out." Apart from when he arrives unannounced to her apartment bearing Chinese food, that is.

In other Mom of the Year themed happenings; Dina has moved her attentions to another offspring - Michael Jr. She's only produced a film about heroin addiction and has yanked one of her remaining cash cows (Ali's foray into the spotlight didn't quite work out as planned, and Cody's still a work in progress) out of school so he can start honing his acting skills ASAP.

"Dina's son Michael Jr will star in the project, backed by Dina's production firm Defiant Pictures. Shooting on the film is scheduled to start in early 2011. The movie will follow three friends from Long Island (funnily enough) who 'delve into the underworlds of heroin'. Michael Jr reportedly left school last October to shoot a movie role."